Saturday, September 14, 2013

After reading this you may find you are living a lie

I want to open up today with talking to you all about PUTTING THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE AND WALKING IN TRUTH as Christians. I believe this will bring Hope to your life, The Scripture I am using is 
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:32 KJV

Sometimes when things happen to us, we begin to feel hopeless. Many times it is all about the way we FEEL and has nothing at all to do with THE TRUTH. 
Most of the time if we put things in PERSPECTIVE and I will be so bold as to say.. PUT THEM IN THE TRUTH.. we will find that right there we will FIND the HOPE that we need. You will be AMAZED at how much you may actually be LYING to Yourself and not even KNOW IT! Example ... you fail a test say for your final on your College exams.. you feel like your life is over.. you have no hope.. BUT WAIT.. Let's put this in Perspective or in the light of the Truth.. you may have to go back to college another year, or decide you are going to go to work until you earn enough to go back , or possible do a online class while you work etc.. but the point is There is hope.. It isn't the end, it is just a new beginning. This is especially relevant for those who are discouraged if things are put in perspective or under the light of the Truth you will see that all those things you are worrying about will simply vanish just by looking at it differently. My Daddy was the most godly man I have ever known He told one of my sisters one day.. He said just Turn the paper over.. meaning.. just put things in perspective .. look at it differently. 

If you know someone that will be blessed by this today why not forward this to them. 

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thunder Shirt Review

ThunderShirt Review

Clay and I were thrilled to review Thunder Shirt! We have a border collie and we did have a cute little Boston like this one in the picture, Last year Our little "Butchy" passed away at 13 and went to live in doggie heaven. 
Our border collie Storm is so sweet he doesn't like loud noises and storms. Here are some of the uses of Thunder shirt :

- fear of Thunder
-Barking Problems
-General Training Tool
- Any noise Anxiety
- Separation Anxiety
- car or Travel Anxiety
-Crate Anxiety
-General Fearfulness
-Leash Pulling 
and more

It is Safe, effective , Drug Free and Easy to use.  How it works is by putting safe pressure on your dogs torso which calms them. Pressure has been used for many years to reduce anxiety for people and humans a few examples - swaddling infants, veternarians use squeeze chutes and people with autism use pressure to reduce persistent anxiety. 

I am so impressed with this product. When Butch was home, I went back to work for a season he literally tore up my floor! I couldn't figure out why then realized it was because I had gone to work, my sister's dog would poo all over if she left. This certainly is a nice solution and I know that Storm finds it comfortable and he seems to enjoy wearing it. Please share this post with someone that has a dog.  To order go to a great gift too for a friend!