Saturday, September 22, 2012


The green tomato is taking over our house ! This year I snatched up those little green tomatos off the vines as fast as I could ... to race the bugs from chowing down on them or the little hen that comes to visit everyday and the rabbits....  I found that this year compared to last... the green tomato has ruled the day... the "EARLY GIRL" variety here at the Poples. 
I made FRIED green tomato a few times...which my mouth is watering for right now.
Green tomato pie, JELLY... Yes... green tomato Jelly in every flavor we could think of 
marmelade- pineapple
all you do is add Jello any flavor to the mix for the different flavors.

I said to my husband because of the consistency of the green tomatos being a bit more "MEATY" I bet we could add flavoring of say Strawberry Daquirie Mix (no alcohol) we could possibly even make a strawberry pie. --- we have yet to make some green tomato relish, salsa, etc... but all said... next year I am going to plant even more...
I said to my husband...why don't they sell Green tomatos in the store? 
.... haaa as I am watching we are watching Because of Win Dixie and he just made his appearance ... He is adorable.. cute little southern movie.  ... My husband and I were both laughing we can't keep our mind off that WHOLE tomato green pie sitting on the kitchen counter.  

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