Saturday, September 22, 2012

Long hair and the head band

 Now on to some girl stuff... 

As a kid ... I had 4 sisters and 2 brothers...  two of the sisters were closer in age and it was a little like the brady bunch they both had long hair...but I had short hair.. I felt that for most of my life I had short hair... so I decided that I was going to have long hair until it looks bad on me. ...
Not being used to long hair... I hated having it in my eyes all the time... so I was pulling my hair back in ponytails, or with hair pieces on top of my head.. then I found that using a head band like these were perfect for keeping my hair out of my face while I was working until it grows long enough for me to pull it back in more ways.  It is wonderful to have this option for my hair as it looks so much nicer and you can still keep your hair down without having it in your face.

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