Saturday, September 22, 2012


No matter how old we are ... we always love our snuggly pajamas. 

one of my favorite things to do each night is to put on a pair of my snuggly pajamas, snuggle with a blanket and watch TV and play on the internet. 
Right  now we are watching "Quest For Fire" ...not a favorite...but being the only girl in the house I do watch a lot of guy shows and now I am at the point where I actually enjoy them. This one isn't enjoyable ...more of a tolerating...but still I feel peaceful and it makes me happy that everyone else is happy to watch. This movie is really a stretch of the imagination as I definitely don't think I came from monkeys or primative men... I was made in the image of God.  What I wouldn't do to watch a Doris Day movie like Pillow Talk or the Glass Bottom Boat. :) I grabbed the newest blanket I just made huge rainbow of colors granny square blanket , tossed the unfolded laundry in the dining room and I am just relaxing until I decide to go to bed for the night. I love Pajamas they help me get ready to unwind from the day.

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