Saturday, September 22, 2012


We canned up a bunch of tomatos for sauces and then on to the SALSA! I kept thinking... we need to add more hot pepper, but my husband assured me that at it cooked it would add more heat... He was right! As God is always good to us.. It came out perfect! 

For us we figured that Pasta sauces could be purchased at dollar stores etc.. for a dollar but Salsa was much more expensive so it would be a great idea to make as much as we could and  then we could even add it to pasta, etc.. as a speciality dish. We love tacos so we knew that a lot of the salsa would go that way as well. So in the future when we are canning tomato products... we need to think about making salsa vs tons of tomato sauce.

.... haaa still watching Win Dixie... someone said that the dog looked like a wet carpet haaa... and our parakeets Mick and Sheila and our finches are chirping to the birds on Win Dixie. 

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