Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tomato Pie vs Mince Meat Pie

I cannot lie, one of the most delicious things to wet my pallet has been the TOMATO PIE  our family just hasn't been able to resist this year. It actually tastes like mince meat pie which is one of my favorite pies in the whole wide world!
With so many pies out there I highly recommend finding a recipe on you tube that you just adore. We use green tomatos and raisins. I do not like it HOT at all, but it is divine cold or the next day. Trully  add more raisins than not is my recommendation,  as I feel that even the though pie is wonderful if it doesn't have enough  raisins ,  the green tomatos bring a kind of "pickle" like taste that most people don't notice...but for some reason I picked it out and just added more raisins and there was no problem...just in case you were like me. With the price of mince meat being so high we put up 7 bags of FROZEN cut up green tomato for our future pies to last us through the long New York winter until the time comes for green tomatos to be picked again. 

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