Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome to chirping Mom
 Here I am starting another blog...yet this one is different...

I am usually working on one project or another across the net, marketing this or that. This blog is going to be more of a diary and I hope you enjoy this and subscribe and share this with your friends. 

So what went on today at the Pople home? This morning I had a Tomato pie and closed a Tupperware show ( just in case :) with my sister in law. 

Everyday for a bit I thought it would be fun to learn about a different state. Todays state was Ohio. I don't know if I learned much... saw that they had some gangs there, and it looked like Toledo was having some economic troubles, saw a little bit on farming out there. 

I also watched a great movie with Nicholas Cage that my husband and I enjoyed while I worked on a zig zag crochet blanket, that I will probably share on You tube as I discovered believe it or not I got tons of hits on my previous Zig Zag afghan around 25,000 views I believe so far. The blanket is purple, pink , and hot pink. My momma wanted to make her a blanket. 

There was a panic as my sister Patty couldn't reach my momma by phone. She's 81 and didn't feel well yesterday. I called and couldn't reach her and called my sister Zettie. We did reach her and I felt shakey because I was so I grabbed my crocheting  and that is where the movie came in.
 My son brought home a jar of grape jam that a lady at his work canned up. So I gave her 2 canned jars one of Strawberry Tomato Jam and Applebutter and slipped in a Tupperware and Mary Kay book to her. 

I cut off the top of the core of the last of the red tomatos that were sitting on top of my dog's kennel in the dining room and froze them in a 2 lb bag as my husband looked up recipes on you tube for a applesauce cake.. He didn't find one he liked so he decided he would make his own. 

Right now I am watching a movie on a girl who dives horses blogging and drinking coffee in my jammies. 

My Finches! My finches have babies! We have 3 big babies that just learned to fly and we have a momma on a nest and two other finches in the process of building a nest. I added to their diet ... a WHOLE Ear of corn on the cob and a sliced up Cortland apple.  Today was so funny. My finches were all jumping on the swing in the cage which my husband built. 
I also have parakeets. My husband built them a nest box but they aren't showing any interest in it. 
Another cage is in the process of being built that the finches will take over. As I look over at my finches right now... One of them was just on the swing. that makes me smile.

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