Wednesday, December 26, 2012

here ya go.. the sites to win sweepstakes...

It's no joke to some who do the sweepstakes to make it a success for themselves. I thought hey why not try to win a few of these and see how this all rolls.  I spent HOURS filling out forms and thanks to google chrome too which fills out the forms for you.

Here are a few sites that will be well worth it to you to get into the sweepstakes groove if you want to try your hand at it , Go to  facebook promo and then all the magazines such as Womens day, Good House Keeping etc.. should have sweepstakes for you. There will be so many that it will be impossible to fill out all the forms in a day. But you can't win if you don't enter!!! Look up on twitter #TwitterParties and pinterest go ahead .. and type in Sweepstakes. There are INSTANT WINS, Daily wins, one entry wins, monthly entries..which are nice as sometimes these are stores that only let people win once and basically they are marketing for new customers all the time. Sweepstakes are really that companies looking for new customers so they are willing to give a way some free stuff to attract some new traffic to their sites in homes that they will purchase from them. 
I am having a blog give a way right now at my site in the excitement... go to and enter my drawing to win a Tupperware Can Opener and Tupperware Mixer.  
Have fun. I played with this during December as I heard that during December it was easier to win as people weren't filling out as many give a ways. If you have a site go ahead too and do a give a way and let me know as I would love to enter! It's just fun. 

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