Tuesday, December 25, 2012

HILLSIDE KIEBASA ths sausage of Elites

Here is my review on a great product that my family has loved for years... HILLSHIRE FARMS TURKEY POLSKA KIELBASA . What I love about it is that it is just so easy to prepare and always so tasty! I want to personally thank Hillshire for sending me coupons to do this review. If you are busy mom it is easy to make a box macaroni before taking your family for church for the night and adding Hillshire Kielbasa to it, or a steamy vegetable lunch, or to make a kielbasa sandwich. It is so satisfying that your family will be well fed. Adding saurerkraut is just another plus as well. My family puts Hillshire Kielbasa and saurerkraut over mashed potatos it tastes wonderful! As a mom I like to plan my meals and this is one product that you can easily slip in weekly for those busy nights and just flip around the foods to go with it for a fast dash out the door. 

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