Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Make a Super Easy Coconut Cake

As I am writing at 6:30 am I hear my chickens crowing... 
As a frugalist I love my chickens.. they work hard to get me my daily eggs and are well worth the effort.  Going into 2013 you may want to consider setting up a coop for yourself for next year.. Just think you will never run out of egg  again for a cake!
With the Holidays comes LOTS OF BAKING and treats for New Years. One of my favorite things from Tupperware is the Whip 'N Prep 
I will be sharing for the rest of the month all the great things you can do with this little puppy. 
Later today I am going to make a coconut cake with this the EASY WAY..
Here is what you will need:
1 Box mix Chocolate Cake
1 container of White Frosting
1 bag of coconut
Strawberry and sugar optional

Put your cake batter into the Whip N' Prep mix it up doesn't need any electricity if you want you can make it the night before and just store it in the refridgerator overnight as the base is also a container with a air tight lid... great for those who are busy and want to just dump the cake mix in a cake pan and pop it in the oven before work in the morning.( Clean up is super easy and can go right in the dishwasher. )

Bake cake and frost and at the very end just cover with Coconut... Your guests will think you worked all day! You can take one strawberry cut it in 4's dip it in sugar put in  the freezer then use as a decoration on the top if you would like for a party, etc.. 

Tupperware Whip and Prep Chef....Saves time, energy and money

This amazing product whips egg whites, creams, sauces, dressings, light batters and desserts in record time without the need for electricity. A simple turn of the handle is all it takes.
Beat four egg whites in 25 seconds! The whisk’s shape allows for quick beating and whipping of ingredients. The Whip ’N Prep™ Chef is also easy to disassemble for cleaning and reassembling.
• Includes airtight seal.
• FREE recipe pamphlet included.
• 5½-cup/1.35 L capacity base.
• In Margarita and Lettuce Leaf.
• Includes gift box.
•  – Enhanced quality guarantee.

You can order right from my website at http://www.My2.Tupperware.com/RuthPople

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