Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are you the CEO of your home?

A new trend... a old trend...
With the invention of the internet and blogging, social media, etc.. Many women are finding themselves back home working and finding ways to get paid for it. Some are hired by companies other work for themselves blogging, etc... The opportunities are as endless as the creativity of each person or company. This is especially a wonderful opportunity for those who have small children or who are retired and want to get back in the work force or earn a couple bucks. I call it being the CEO of your home. As a couponer, blogger, etc.... I love being home It's not just about my online life but my life as a wife and mom. I can be in control. I watch what I want through Netflix and you tubes, dumped the 
TV as why pay cable bill, I follow deals by couponing, I check out companies, videos, look at PR opportunities to help companies from authors to celebs and companies, I blog, etc.. I am in charge of my destiny. We found that it was CHEAPER to have me home researching then going out to work. If you use you wits there are tons of things that can benefit your family by working at home. They say couponers earn $90 an hour couponing with the savings. I say couponing is the reverse of sales only your money is in coupons. Having the time to make REAL food saves on our health and saves in our food bill, Keeping the car parked in the driveway saves big on GAS. It is important to have one person working, but like years ago in the 50's so to speak I am the CEO of my house. I don't feel like less of a woman because I chose to work from the home following deals, cleaning the house, being frugal so I can buy the EXPENSIVE Things we want. It is just a matter of working smart. I am not opposed to working outside the home either, the point is ARE YOU In Control or are you being controlled? What is the best financial plan for your family, Looking at the BIG picture. Sometimes it is easier to be home than say a big daycare bill or if you have teenagers that need MOM home etc.. or a husband with a tricky schedule so you can function as a family. Food for thought here... Begin this week to start to plan for your families success and work the plan that works best for you all. I even have notebooks for our backyard farm, my couponing, my meal planning, etc.. to keep us organized. Everyone does what is best but I found that being organized is trully a blessing to my family. Please subscribe to this blog and share it with your church or someone you know that could benefit. God bless.

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