Sunday, January 6, 2013

Frugal Tip.... DO YOUR OWN NAILS

 I used to get my nails done really fancy for years... french manicures, exotic paint jobs, etc... from 25-60 a shot... Being in the beauty biz for years I got to the point where professionals were always asking me for help on somethings... make up tips etc... Now I am happy to share a lot of these tips with you... to help you LIVE MORE FRUGAL!

Learn to do YOUR OWN NAILS... example gel nails... try the Sally Hanson new gel nail kit, etc.. I  had a hair dresser teach me how to do artificial nails.. she said that at first your nails may look bad but after awhile practice makes perfect. I got to the point where I found that the glue on nails were easier and lasted about a week and you never had to worry about nail fungus! Which I did get once and that was the end of doing them at a salon for me!... But these days I prefer to wear  my nails shorter and to have fun with all the ideas out there. I usually have about 500 colors... as I am a beauty lover and you don't even want to know how many eye colors I have... my friends used to come over and I would do all of their nails LONG or they could paint them ... I don't do that anymore... too busy!!! but... all said... I love doing my own nails and just because you are living frugal or don't have a ton of money doesn't mean you can't purchase wet and wild for a buck or on clearance ...etc... and look nice. The details make the difference. So skip the salons and learn to do it yourself if you want artificial nails from the salon... make friends with the beauty girls most of them will show you how to do your own if they are your friend and you could show them how to coupon or do a exchange of some sort. Going to Sallys too you can purchase most beauty items you can't find in the drugstores or just going online. Be blessed and have fun!

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