Friday, January 25, 2013

Here are some ways to get a extra buck..


I don't know why or where it started, or maybe it is supposed to be that way... but I always feel like I have to take care of EVERYONE.  ... thoughts that run through our head... but really if you just let go and start to pray the Lord will help you and lead you and take care of all your needs as you obey Him and submit yourself to Him. I am home now and not working a regular job. In other words I have NO MONEY that I bring into the House so to speak... BUT there are sooo many ways as a woman or man you can HELP your family. 

Couponing is one... COUPONS ARE MONEY and you can DOUBLE THAT MONEY! If you are a extreme couponer they say you are making $90 a hour ...after being in sales I call it reverse sales as you are SAVING like crazy instead of SPENDING... but you are making out as you learn to "DEAL" and get the free stuff.  Couponing has definitely taken a downward spiral as there just as not that many great deals out there as there have been in the past, but it does save. I used to be able to go for FREE everyday now it is pretty common to find the shelf cleared and I am holding the coupons so I just go for the next best deals ... 50% and above off... at least it is something! Still look for freebies but the coupon craze has the companies going for buy 2-4 instead of one so you just have to be a little more savy. 

Direct sales - Depending on your upline and don't let low start up fool you either.. With this one you have to look at HOW MUCH IT WILL COST YOU IN ONE YEAR ... How much are books, gas, etc.. Low start up gets many in the door but ends up being one big bill in the end... SO DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Many times there are gracious people out there that will HELP YOU GET YOUR KIT FOR FREE by doing a show but YOU HAVE TO WORK it 24/7 in the beginning to make money or you just got a bunch of stuff and bills. Personally I think it takes 5 years to get established in these to make a income that your family can count as a paycheck.

Craigslist, ebay, and the like... If you do crafts, have a talent, etc... look into all of this... it can help your family immensely. Just be on top of it.

Blogging, product reviews, you tube, ... like a home business you will have to work it.

Freebies, sweepstakes, book reviews, writing to companies , etc... definitely you will get some free stuff. Fun
in the process.... you may put in hundreds of entries for sweeps to get a box of cookies all month, and the freebies aren't like they used to be but you never know. 

Getting paid to do surveys..Inbox, swagbucks , time consuming don't know anyone getting rich on it, but I haven't made any money on these as I had other things I have been playing with and haven't really researched these out yet 100% . 

Or do All of the above etc...

The key is to be in prayer and let the Lord lead you in the path you should be in and open and shut the doors as He leads. Opportunities are endless and sometimes I just pray.. Lord give me a creative idea! 

Just wanted to share some ideas try a few of the above see what you love to do. Please subscribe and share this article with someone you know that needs a extra buck...

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