Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How I Make Money Blogging -- Intro

One of the reasons I wanted to share this information with you is there are so many moms out there who would  be great as a full time bloggers who want to stay home with the kiddies. If you have extra time or are home with the kids it is a great  time to practice, do the research etc... on how to do this. If you start working on this now on the internet 6 months can be like 20 years as the internet moves so quickly. You may just find that you will be able to stay home with the kids all through school. Pray about it. And network with other bloggers and feel free to share your blog in the comments so that we can all subscribe here too. God bless. The key lke the author of this video says is GOOD CONTENT that the people want to hear. The Bible says A man's gift makes room for him.... so get the good content and then ASK people to subscribe to your new blog... You have not because you ask not. Please take a minute and subscribe to the you tube channel as well as my blog here. Thank you. 

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