Wednesday, January 2, 2013


 haaaa... Okay... I know you aren't trashy! But here is how frugal (cough cough.... cheap to some ) I am! I save my garbage bags if possible for special occasions--- BUT I collect all the bags I can from my frugal shopping ways and use these for garbage. One for the bath, etc.. I save the REALLY REALLY BIG BAGS for Kitchen trash. When I shop and buy say a HUGE PACK OF 32 roll toilet paper and the clerk politely does not put it in a bag I say ... I have some distance to travel (which is true I live in a town of about 500 for real) so please put that in a bag for me (Thus a nice FREE HUGE BAG! I am a customer and I did purchase! )Once I even used a old garment bag made out of canvas... I said hey I am going to toss this anyway it even will zip up the trash! I figure that this way I can save the extra money to not buy important things like toilet paper or beef... I can say okay I want to go out to dinner for chineese every week or I want to get 25 of those LA  nail colors I have been spying at the Dollar General for $1 each. I can buy the good things because to a degree everything has a cost. IF YOU HAVE TO BUY IT! So if you are throwing away your FREE trash bags to buy trash bags doesn't make sense to me. Okay I do use the money I save to buy real things...but I also have MONEY TO BUY THINGS I WANT because I am frugal. I am not living cheaply just smart. Cost of trash bags for year may not be that bad... but if it isn't a big deal for your family and you just start on this path you may find that you are really only having to purchase a few boxes a year for those times you just are clean out. Plus it will train your eye to say... Hey I can use that for trash it looks strong enough and won't have water and leaking (if you have this you aren't saving you will just exchange it for another bill...mop and soap, yadda) only use good bags that will really work. Hope this helps your family to save some and hey if you start now being frugal you could have a nice chunk of cash saved for Christmas or to pay off your bills.

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