Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Joined Weight Watchers Online...

I joined Weight Watchers online.. as a couponer this was a good choice as think of all the money I will save in being HEALTHY. Weight Watchers has a great deal now for joining. The thing I will tell  you is you MUST stay PLUGGED into the program or save your money. I actually worked for Weight Watchers when I was 22 in the accounting dept. I am 50 now ... and know that the program works. It is important as a mom to stay healthy. My Dad used to say you pay it in Doctors or good. Food. the new program is Weight Watchers 360 I am allowed 27 points a day. I will keep you informed on my progress. I want to encourage you to work on your good health and feel free if you have joined Weight Watchers online to chat with me there and if you do or don't join feel free to talk with me about weight loss and good health as my sister says.. Who mothers mothers... Other Mothers of course! It is important as a Christian to take good care of the body gave us. 

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