Thursday, January 10, 2013

Laundry Detergent for year $20

This is the BEST recipe for Homemade Laundry Soap
NO GRATING NO PROBLEMS, I wanted to post this two days ago but my coupon clipping was so much fun I lost myself in the savings! 
Very simple you just dump the four powders together.. use 2 TBLS  for EXTRA LARGE LOAD cost approx. $20 a year! You can use a big tupperware bowl to store it next to your washer. 
BOROX 4 lb box
 Baking soda 1 lb
Arm and Hamer Super Washing Soda 3 lbs 
Boraxo Powder HandSoap 12 oz

I found all of this stuff at if you are local Ed and Jeans, Bob's Big M had some and Walmart. So your LOCAL grocery store believe it or not may have it if not try the hardware store. Coupons MAY be found at for some of it . They will let you print out coupons 2 x's a year from the site. 
If you have more than one computer most printable coupons will allow you to print out the coupons 2 x's  I don't think that all the stores above will take internet coupons just tobe aware of. 
We love the soap our laundry smells nice is fresh and some have compared it with a MAJOR Best selling detergent. 

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