Friday, January 11, 2013

Make your own Fabric Softener and SAVE BIG!

This is my recipe for Homemade fabric softener, I have been using this for awhile and love it! This is a great way as a Mom who is the CEO of your home to save for your family.
Use a old milk jug :) rinsed out of course. 

Suave Hair Conditioner  2 cups
Vinegar 2 cups
Fill the rest of the jug with Water! 

Makes 1 Gal
use 1/4 cup in super size load
Stay tuned as I will be sharing many of my recipes like this with you. 

Chief Executive Officer of your home ~~~ I want to encourage you as a Mom or a Dad to take charge of your life and family. :) Make it a practice to read through this entire blog and share it with your family to be able to save not hundreds but thousands through the years. This is from 50 years of experience and will cover all aspects of  life. I want you to be successful so I will share all the things I can to help you. To be honest some people WONT share all the things you will read here as they don't want you to know their SECRETS I don't care.. God is my source and I know that the liberal soul will be made fat. I think there is wisdom in some of this. Example don't give your stockpile away.. but you can TEACH others how to make their own.. But we will talk about that in the blog as we continue together. 

Love Couponing... I spent a good chunk of this week printing off coupons and clip, clip, clip... Here are some of the sites you can print coupons off : now

For each PRINTER you have you can print off two coupons usually. Facebook many manufacters will let you print off a coupon on their site as well as going straight to the manufacter's sites. 

Feel free to email, phone and contact companies for coupons as well. Many times I have received COUPONS FOR FREE stuff. 

If you start a blog which you can get one for FREE at many companies will even send you PRODUCTS for doing reviews for them. Blogger walks you right through the process so don't be afraid to start one. setting up a gmail account helps a lot too. I shop for free almost everyday I want.. somedays I don't want because I am busy cleaning, cooking, etc.. 

Clearing the shelf at stores.. Call ahead and ask the store manager to ORDER STUFF for you. You shouldn't have a problem or ASK FOR RAIN CKS IF THE PRODUCTS AREN"T THERE. With the coupon craze things have been crazy but you need to go with the flow and learn how to ride the savings in a different manner if you run into problems! 

Do something POSITIVE with your coupons... start a coupon train or join mine. click on tab above. I donate coupons and products to those in need as well as my coupon train. Please feel free to ask your church, your clubs, etc.. to be a part of my coupon train to help families. We can do more together than apart!

My downtime fun... 
We ditched the cable bill and only have the internet now.. WHY? Just think about it SMART TV... I can watch almost ALL MY SHOWS ONLINE. We pay for internet and netflix which is 10 a month. Cable in our area with movies is over 100 we pay around 50. The Bible says the little foxes spoil the vine all these little expenses and excuses get ya.. I live high on the hog in other areas. ... I also LOVE CHRISTIAN TELEVISION...  To watch for free  24/7 also has good preaching. I watch a ton of shows on youtube too....and there are regualar shows there now... you have - I love the ChickenWhisperer ... hey, I live on a backyard farm, etc.. It is so much better as I can watch the shows WHEN I WANT TO! So what do I do with the extra money? Well, I love magazines too.. so I can read them all online but I also subscribed to a ton like Women's Day, Family Circle  Country Living, harper's Bazaar, etc.. for $5 ... Readers Digest I just saw for 3.99 ..playing with my sweepstakes on magazine sites I got great deals for these.. so I entered a sweepstake and got a deal on magazines how can you beat it? They have coupons and sweeps in them so they pay for themselves. So see how you can as a mom just kind of ROLL your fun time too? And hey if I win a sweepstake which I won 2 so far this year that is a extra bonus! 
If you have a business... Sell Avon, Partylite, author, sell computers, etc.. and would like me to do a product review or give a way please click on the pr friendly and contact me.

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