Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mom You RULE

 Forsake Not the Law of Thy Mother!

Don't under estimate your role as a mother. You are influencing the NEXT generation! You are the paste that holds your home together. The Bible says that a wise woman BUILDS her home but a Foolish Woman pulls it down with HER OWN HANDS. As a mom it is so important to spend time reading the Bible and to be in prayer. You may be working outside the home or be a stay at home mom. One of my favorite sayings is who mothers mothers... OTHER MOTHERS of course so  as you train your kids you can get comfort from the older women in the church who have raised their kids well if you need good counsel. I want to encourage you to be a WISE woman and to be as I say the CEO (Chief Executive officer of the household along with  your husband as the two of you run YOUR HOME together not buying into every idea out there but to make a little heaven right on earth at home )  There are many voices in the world we live in today you should do this or that.. But you need to stay FOCUSED on your personal role and what God has called YOU to do. How do you do this? By prayer. God will speak to you.  Some women should just stay home and guide and develop their children and be a good wife to your husband for  others God may have given you talents that you are to use right now in the work force and to be a mom and wife. If you are a single parent maybe God is speaking to you about a mate or may be developing you as a woman to the place He is leading. Moms are so needed today and women of God at that. No matter what you do you are called to develop that next generation. It is important to bring your children to church and to teach them the Word of God. It doesn't have to be a heavy thing just a verse or two and telling them Bible Stories. I like to listen to Christian TV it sets the "tone" in the house and many times your kids will listen and give you opportunities "to train" them as they have questions. No matter what age.. teenagers especially have lots of questions about the Bible. You should make sure that all your kids get their OWN Bible for their own reading as well. Children are lent to us from the Lord. Some day you will release them as they become adults to be on their own. This is your season to "train them and develop them for life" wash your hands, do you know how to do the laundry? the dishes? Do they pray? Have you prayed with them to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. I went to Christian when I was in 7th grade but Mom and Dad trained me way before then... Christian school is just a add on and tool.. Parents need to train their OWN kids to LOVE GOD. I am so thankful that mom and dad taught me to LOVE GOD and I am happy to say all my 6 siblings and myself love the Lord and OUR KIDS too! That next generation... So I want to encourage  you to start or continue no matter what age even if they are out of the house a little word here and there can be a blessing to them. Don't NAG them but rather train them. This is your job as a mother and what a role it is you can be a powerful woman of God, prayer has helped me many times so become the Woman and Mom God called you to be and be diligent yourself about Bible reading, church attendance, and prayer. May sound a little old fashioned but no quite the opposite YOU ARE THE TREND SETTER FOR THE NEXT GENERATION!

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