Thursday, January 3, 2013


New Year's Day brought a very special surprise to me... My parakeets Nick and Sheila... some call them Austrialian parrots blessed me with their first egg. Parakeets will lay one egg, then another and they also HATCH at different times unlike Chickens (I have a barn full along with turkeys, peacocks, pigeons, etc..) I was remarried last year and my new husband is teaching me how to be a good farmer's wife. A big change from the City life of suits, brief cases and long hours on the workforce as a professional top seller. Like my mom said it is going to be like living among the Amish, which is true only there are Mennonites in my area. I have never raised parakeets so this is fun to learn. My finches also have some eggs and earlier in the fall they had 3 baby finches which are all doing great. God has been good to me. On Easter of 2010. My ex-rex told my son who was to graduate in a couple months that he had a girlfriend and he wanted a divorce. Which it was troubling but also ended up being one of the happiest times in my life because he was so abusive physically, mentally and constantly was cheating. So here I was the good church girl not knowing quite what to do and after I filed for divorce thanks to my mom and brother who said Let's not make here wait loaned me the money to file... I met my wonderful husband who lives on a backyard farm about two counties over. It was miraculous as his company was going through some changes and my company just happened to lay me off so we both were out of work for a bit to do some dating and ended up getting married, God does take care of us. I know some of you may struggle with the issue of remarriage...but I used to think of myself as Abigal in the Bible who married a fool... um.. read what happened to her husband... God took him out and she married the KING! Well all said Jesus said except for the HARDNESS of heart I am going to do what I am going to do and too bad for you... God takes care of His own. I never committed adultry in the 22 years of marriage. So Why share all this? Well as you read my blog I hope that you get to know me and it encourages you in your life. I am way past all of this, it's hard to be married to an abusive person so I actually was really surprised I thought I'd be upset.. Instead I was so happy to be free as after 22 hard years it was like being released from prison. It was one of the most JOYFUL times in my life and I was terrified as I never was on my own before. So getting back to the parakeets. I made some major major changes kind of like Lisa on Green Acres I was living in  new world with new people with a new way of life... as my preacher mind, new mouth, new ministry... NEW MISSION ( I added last word!) . God can take your scars and turn them into stars as Robert Schuller says. And right before Christmas the Lord spoke to me and said you can have a little heaven right here on earth and I think it was just so beautiful that my parakeets who I wanted so badly and my husband paid $6 for both with cage for me at a bird auction laid their first egg on New Year's Day what a beautiful way to start the New Year ! I have finches and spice finch too my husband built cages that look like furniture for all these in our bird and plant room :) Being in interior design that was another treat! ... See how good God is the 1/2 has not been told! 

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