Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My indulgences... Elle, Jessica, etc..

I love magazines. Especially beauty magazines! I will be sharing with you all some of my little hobbies and I think you will enjoy my blogs on these things. I was in the beauty industry over 20 years and I just love the beauty industry who doesn't! I wanted to do a quick review for you all on Elle magazine. I love the red carpet and the luxury lifestyle stuff.. it is just so girly and makes me feel like a princess when I read my Elle magazine. I am a member of their inner circle as well. I am on their panel so it is fun to have a voice in what is being done on Elle. Right now Elle is talking about some of the looks for spring and about the big diamonds that celebs have. One is over 4 carats!
Another one of my hobbies right now is ...

"Murder She Wrote " 

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica... we have been spending a lot of time together lately. I am on season 10 watching her straight through online. She is a beautiful older woman and it is amazing how nice and thin she has stayed. I love watching how she kind of started a romance with Seth a older doctor. If you haven't watched Murder She Wrote you are going to FALL IN LOVE with this sweet quaint little series. I think there are 12 seasons. You can get for free right now for a month if you want to watch her with me. My guys won't watch Jessica with me, and my husband figured out the murder the first time he watched. Me? Well I am not always so good at it. I just get so "romanced " with the Connecticut scenery and watching Jessica being wise and smart riding her bike etc. I just love it. So there you see... my little indulgence.. My MOM time. I usually watch as I am working cleaning, clipping couponing or doing online things. 
Have a blessed evening :) Hope this encourages you to have some down time for yourself as well. We all need a "MENTAL VACATION" just to Enjoy our lives :) 

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