Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Sweepstaking Adventure..

I took a month out to play the Sweepstakes! How'd I do? I won 3 X's in just a month! You could fill out subscriptions all day and still not finish them all. Some people subscribe to different services with sweepstakes to do this or that for them..  I didn't I just wanted to get my feet wet and see what this craze was all about. I heard that December was the month that not as many people played so that is what I was busy doing over the Holidays. Here is what I did win. A box of cookies, a box of candy (waiting for this... Hope they don't forget me!!!) I got a email saying I won these. Then a box showed up at my door with make up that said I won 2nd place so I won 3 pieces of make up. Hours and hours filling out forms for 3 winnings totalling maybe around $50 or less. BUT WAIT... there are still sweeps out there that names haven't been drawn.. and I think this is like a snowball effect... like the tipping point and going up a hill ... the more you play the more you win... but also ... it could be a dead end and you may not win anything moving to change your life. I think it is a fun game, but you should never pay or put money into it, if you win you win if you don't oh well. Something a mom should do after she has her housework done, etc.. or on her "BREAK TIME" . It is more of a fun thing rather than a business decision. I have heard that those who play regular can win about 15x a month and that there is someone that makes a living at this. But that is rare thing. So all said If you want to enter for fun and as a little hobby don't put money into it and if you end up getting a surprise here and there to brighten your day that's a fun game :) On my top bar and in my posts I will list sweepstakes that you can enjoy and like me pray if you want me to win it let them draw my name!

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