Monday, January 14, 2013

Review of Harper's Bazaar Magazine

 Harper's Bazaar

I have been a subscriber to Harper's Bazaar Magazine on and off for years. This year I got my subscription for only $5.00 through a online deal. 
The cost on the site right now is only $10. 

I love fashion and style and make up so I love the magazine it's more of a high fashion magazine but I still love to see all the products. I would love to see more COUPONS in the magazine when they advertise the products so I can try them right away but it's still fun to look through. The thing I love most about Harper's Bazaar is that it is a VERY THICK magazine that gives a lot of space to the art of photography and I love to ponder the high fashion models and clothing. As far as a mom it is really not practical style for me but it is exciting if you love art, style and fashion to look at what is done on the runway. It is really a matter of taste. I enjoy it immensely and as a professional make up artist I can take some of the looks and tone them down and they give me ideas that I can tone down for fashion and look trendy but not quite so on the edge to go to the grocery store. 

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