Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Start blogging for FREE!!!!

I love blogging, I use blogging for a lot of good reasons. To keep my hobbies in order... example a blog on sewing, a blog on being a foodie, etc... If you have never done a blog now is the chance to try your hand at it ...  go to http://www.blogger.com and set up a account. It is a great spot for a new blogger and it pretty much does all the set up for you. Once you start blogging you will find that other bloggers are pretty nice about helping you out. I wouldn't lay down hard cash for anything yet. I know even big time internet people that have DUMPED out of paid help because most of the time there is someone out there that would help you for FREE and I encourage you as well as to help others for free as the networking will pay off later big time with referrals etc.. Most bloggers all help each other out as we all grow our blogs and following together. 

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