Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Still waters....

 He leads me beside still waters...
A little info on me first, After I turned 50 I really felt like the Lord wanted me to start sharing about the things I knew as the older women are to teach the younger women how to live, as well as being 50 I have been saved for 45  years as I accepted Christ when I was 5 so to many I am older spiritually as I have been in the Faith since I was a child. All of the internet where ever I am I will be sharing so feel free to follow me everywhere as I am a internet socialite as the Lord leads. Okay, getting to what I wanted to talk to you about..He leads me beside still waters... Our lives are to be lives of peace and quiet. I just heard Joseph Prince preach about this recently and I agree. We shouldn't be praying for the peace so to speak on a situation... we should be  LIVING in the peace and when turmoil and things come then we should be starting to find the will of the Lord. So many Christians just don't spend the time in the Word, pray, going to church and snuggling up to the Lord so that they are in constant fellowship with the Lord. We should be living the life of peace. We don't really see this going on in the Bible either where people are looking for peace.. they are living it and then when then feel like umm something doesn't feel right .. that is the point where they begin to seek the Lord on what is your will for me here. We should be in constant peace, joy, etc.. as we "LIVE THE GOOD LIFE" so to speak... so how do I get started? I suggest IMMERSING yourself 24/7 and CONTINUE , be FAITHFUL in the things of the LORD. The Bible talks about CONTINUING IN THE FAITH, and I believe not the talented but the FAITHFUL ... example a man's gift makes room for him.. as you are FAITHFUL to what God tells you to do (continue in the Word, Don't forsake the fellowship of the bretheren by being in church each time the doors are open, praying, etc..) then you will begin to LIVE THE HIGH LIFE...this life of peace. It is yours for the taking but you have to be obedient , faithful and CONTINUE in what God has told you already to do (read above, bible reading, church, prayer, etc..) If you want a life of peace hook up with the Prince of Peace. 
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