Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Canned Foods Have The Longest Shelf Life

 I am not a prepper, but as a couponer and frugal mom I am always looking at information to help save money for my family. In stockpiling you may want to look at some of the foods to consider for your family ... say you get extra money at income tax time and you want to invest a little meat into your stockpile. This conversation came up at our home about expiring dates as my husband has worked with food for a long time...

I took a job for a few months at a food factory in making my move to the farming area I live in... It made me laugh as we would take the exact same food and put it in a different bag from say the generic brand and then to a popular NAME BRAND ... my hubby told  me this happens all the time.. I also asked a vender in the grocery store one time who told me a certain peanut butter was the exact same as such and such brand name.  So do your homework.  I still have trouble eatting EXPIRED FOOD and felt deeply offended when I heard of a grocery store chain donating all their EXPIRED FOOD TO THE NEEDY... but now I look at it differently... and I have to admit I have been eatting salad dressing unopened that expired in 2011 at times because I bought way too much in my couponing adventures... it was fine...but all said... I am not a expert on this type of thing... but the information is worth looking into before you trash or purchase food so just a little insight into expiring dates and quality of food... My motto is .... when in doubt... throw it out. For the most part I don't run into expired food but in a pinch or God forbid a emergency...it is good to know ...or for that matter knowing how long something will last say if you get blessed with 100 coupons of spam!

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