Wednesday, January 30, 2013

what ethanol did to my car

My check engine light kept coming on... I went to the repair shop and he told me to STOP using the Ethanol gas he said that it was burning the sensor's out on my lights. He did a good rehaul on my entire car to make sure it was all good. Here is more on ethanol some thoughts to consider. I am not sure how I feel about all this, but it doesn't seeem right to burn our food, but I just keep trying to learn more to make better decisions as I don't know everything about all the fuels yet.

Bloggers are changing how consumers buy one blog at a time as Moms and Dads voice their opinions. It is wonderful to live in the world we live in. I am quicker to check the blogs and twitter, facebook etc... before running out to purchase something I know nothing about. The process is usually doing the research online about the product, read what the company has to say and then chatting with everyone online about their experiences and then HUNTING for coupon codes, and deals online so I am not paying full price for say a new sofa which after working in furniture for years you can go directly online and buy it from the manufacter rather than have it get dumped off to the furniture store and then rebrought to my house after nice heafty commissions etc.. are added on. Always buy right from the manufacter in the world we live in today if possible and it is cheaper. I found glasses this week for $20 through reading a blog! Bloggers work hard on their research and many times aren't PAID for their input they enjoy their work and want to keep their readers engaged. Smart Consumers are running to the blogs for information and tuning out the ads unless they have valuable insight. Rather than buy x y z product because they are funny and cute now moms will do the research and go for price point and quality. Good for the people! 
New Yorkers stand up and cheer! Some of you are about to be rewarded DEEP on your Insurance 
Those who have been "good" with no DUI check out this article to help save big for your family on Car insurance
Fines and smoking... 
 The Debate is on... fines and smoking..and it is going into the next level... What about those who are costing us so much through OVEREATTING ? what are your thoughts? More on this story at

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