Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why Pay ? Win your vacation!!!!

NEVER BEEN ON A VACATION? I used to pay big bucks to go to Disney, etc.. but now I just don't have the money and to be honest I just don't enjoy the travel like I used to.. I discovered a secret too...
Sweepstakes like couponing is not a big deal.. blog give aways yadda.. yadda aaything you get for FREE helps YOUR FAMILY!!!! I wouldn't get all crazy about it by why not try to sweepstake your way to winning a free vacation for your family? start saving for the extras and when you win .. go! I don't usually like to go for the trips myself and so I don't enter .. although I do have family not far from Branson, Missouri that I would like to see so I put in a entry for this one.

So why am I sharing all my tips with you? Because I'm old.. haaa.. well I did turn 50 this year and I want to be a blessing. God has blessed me and will continue to do so.. and I have found in life the liberal soul shall be made fat and the more you give the more you get and of course I spend a lot of time praying. So why not be a blessing to other women as my friends bless me too. All said.. maybe you have family out of state do some research you may be able to win a trip to see them.. or you love to travel.. etc.. pray God may have them draw your name. Or it is just fun to dream and you may save the money by accident.. (well God does work miracles!) but you never know what he may use. All said.. here is the link for the Branson Missouri vacation 

Be the best mom you can be!!!

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