Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Won yet another sweepstake!

This picture is actually one I am hoping to put in for a sweepstake on underarm deoderant haaa... I won cookies again...in my sweepstake adventure... I will let you know when they get here . So far the prizes have been just little things... it's a HOBBY and a lot of work for the small trinkets... but hey how would I know if I didn't give it a whirl. I am sure that if I did it 24/7 Anyone could win a lot of prizes etc... Actually ANYTHING you do 8 hours a day everyday for years and years you can be a pro at ... you just have to find that thing that God called you too. If you are a momma and want to stay home it may be a fun hobby to add to your couponing to get some goodies for your family. As moms we wear many hats. Definitely don't pay for anything.... and my attitude is Lord if you want me to win let me win. Just another tool to help out my family. God first, family second , career third. So this year I have in my hands ONE PRIZE and waiting for the cookies and some candy that I won last year...  Will be spending the day clipping coupons and I heard that the insert for 1/6 was a record breaking one with 5 inserts so there should be some great savings this year! Even Kenneth Copeland had a sweepstakes over the Holiday and did some give a ways ... so check the christians sites too! If you have a home business you may want to try a blog give a way. As you can see I am doing one this month it is a great way to make new customers and to share your product line. Have fun and be blessed.  To enter my tupperware give a way go to http://www.My2.Tupperware.com/RuthPople

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