Monday, February 4, 2013

Wolverines in danger

 our wolverines are in danger of extinction. Who doesn't love these cuties? To read more go to http://

Ode to the Classics... 
 Who doesn't love a good old classic movie? These are wonderful especially if you have children. I think there are so many movies and shows out there now that it is rare that we get the "quality" of the storylines of the classics. Children need a healthy imagination (as do adults!) and it is a wonderful mental vacation to go on a adventure together with a hot bowl of popcorn after the dishes are done and just relax with the little ones. You may want to plan a family nite and just go through all the old classics together. Kids love to rate and review why not rate movies together as a family and put the titles in a hat and pick out the best one and have your own family's award nite! The picture above is of the African Queen. We  use netflix you can get a free month and also for hulu plus and redbox you can experience all three over a three month period get a free month or do them all at once ... as long as the freebie offer continues.  Enjoy!
 Today I became a member of the Sierra Club, I am not a tree hugger and I am a christian... but I love farming, the forest, nature and I think as Christians we are to take care of the earth. I don't know that much about the club but am excited to learn how I can help as a christian do my part to help people live healthier lives :)

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