Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter at the Pople Farm


We are so thankful to the Lord here as we are in the midst of getting everything ready here at the Pople Backyard farm. 

We are planting our strawberries like this in our greenhouse. Stay tuned for the videos!!!

We are putting in a outside sink this year to help us in our gardening and harvesting chickens. This one is cute ... but we are using a normal sink.. stayed tuned for pictures... hoping to put up pictures of everything so you can enjoy.

Help a friend this year ... stop smoking! Here are some electric cigarettes from 

more good info for you...


This is where I do a lot of my shopping for groceries.. I use coupons... but if you don't have the coupons for the FREE stuff this is the place to go!!!! 

Thank you to Cream of Wheat for sending me some ! A old favorite that is very healthy for the whole family!

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