Monday, March 11, 2013

few freebies here :)

FREE FOOD at Burger King    

If you buy food at burger king save the receipt and do the survey on the back.  My husband just got free lunch and it looks like that can happen once a month.


One of the things I believe is that you should never ever feel sorry for yourself because it causes so many problems... Andrew Wormack is offering a great book for free on his site that kind of goes along with that just go to


Coupon Train! If you love to coupon and want to score some great deals join my coupon train it is very simple here is how we run our coupon it is cheap and keeps MOVING...

Each week go through all the coupons you don't want... put them in a envelope WITH a self addressed STAMPED envelope and mail it to Ruthies Coupon Train 13642 State Route 370 Red Creek New York 13143 we will mail you back the exact amount of coupons you sent us. We do not count EXPIRED coupons. If we have extra we will stick those in too. It is great because it is a NICE way to get coupons for only the cost of a couple stamps and you get rid of the coupons you don't want and someone else who does want them will be happier than a lark. You can leave a note with things you DO want , there are no guarantees but if we have them we would be happy to put them in. Coupons are your golden ticket and are like cash!!!!


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