Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Have you gotten your free toilet paper yet? If not go to and sign up to get your free roll!

TA DA ... Just when I thought twinkies were gone forever ...I was introduced to Cloud Cakes by Little Debbie.. I heard that Hostess was being bought , but don't know the details or if this is a rumor or a go.. so we still may see the original Twinkie... all said I like the Little Debbie 's Cloud Cakes better.. my testing team liked the Twinkies better... so what do you like better?? Chat with me on twitter @R47R and tell me your vote!!!

Spring is in the air and it is time to come out of hiding and get busy!!! Here are a few products that are worth checking out to fill your cupboard with for Spring.. and have joined my Think Spring Tour..and I'm Fabulous tour.. just a few of my products I am sharing here.. You are gonna LOVE these puppies...

Pepsi Next --- > less sugar come on we want to look fab at the beach so do the switch with me!!!

Tabanero Hot sauce ---> This stuff is awesome!!! You can order at

Mission Foods ---> These guys are old friends and are now on twitter come chat with me and @MissionFoods ... I am @R47R there.. I only buy Mission for my cooking needs I LOVE them!!!

@Lashcontrol  .... I am on Weight Watchers online right now and want to be a skinny minnie ... but in the meantime I am enjoying the ride and looking my best! This is the only Squeezable Mascara that I know...

Gold Bond foot and hand lotions...

Seriously I thought .. oh that product has been around I can remember it at Grandma's house.. well, let me tell you.. this stuff is the best .. hands down.. you gotta get some.. I hope they make a skincare line for the face because you are gonna FALL FALL FALL in love with this!!!

.... a moment of secrets here...shhh don't say it too loud... FRESH BALLS... FRESH BREASTS.. this stuff is sooo let me just say fresh.. you can friend them on twitter @Freshballs and on facebook.. they are non toxic go on like a lotion and keep you dry all day.. and my husband does not start his day without it and don't laugh says NO MORE SWAMP BALLS.. the cure to every man's problem..  He used all winter now .. summer will be the real test.. He loves it.. and I know men that say they don't want to sit down and get the big PUFF of smoke.. and I know women that were concerned about keeping dry... this is it.. thumbs up to the fresh people at FRESHBALLS. 


If you are looking for a home biz have started a home biz.. Join in on the discussion at and all over the net. I am in the process of casting for this.. so if you want to be a part please call 1-315-439-7027 or email with your business Name your phone numer so we can contact you.

If you are a comedian, actor, business owner etc.. and would like to be cast in my Pr tours please contact 1-315-439-7027

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