Thursday, April 4, 2013

Important News!!!!

Hi all..
I am sooooo excited! I have been blogging for years.. and this year the Lord has really been guiding and directing me in all my online efforts. It pays to stay close to the Lord as sometimes out of the blue He will just share with me great things or a creative idea etc.. well, The Lord showed me how to fix some techie stuff and it has opened a beautiful door for my blogging efforts and work online. I have a Main blog now which is you can go right there first from now on and don't forget to subscribe. This is going to be a "subpage" from that blog so you can still come here and enjoy the posts. but I wanted to invite you to a whole WORLD  of things that you can look into to make your life more fun and productive. God bless and thank you for being my subscriber I pray for my friends online and appreciate each and everyone of you. MAWHHH. 

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