Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HERE I AM AT 10 pm at night....

Here is what my son decides to do...

Bake delicious Auntie Annie Pretzel dogs! My hubby had to get up extra early so I stayed up working.. we just had tons of company to be followed by a visit from my mom and then a visit from my son's girlfriend who will be staying at a local hotel as she is coming in from college. ..

The review of these sweet little pretzels speaks for themselves.. my son who is 22 tells me that he would like to have us (Clay and I ) not to eat them all so he can have some for later!. They are really good and my son loves to cook so he'd been checking out the pretzel mix as soon as it arrived.. since I had company the last two weeks he told me the package was here and he did the review as I observed being up doing laundry, dishes, etc.. still recovering from company getting ready for the next group.. not to mention Clay was off for two weeks prior.. whew.. (another blog story obviously) ..

The pretzels are delish! ... even better wrapped around a hot dog, the dough can be made also into pizza dough and just about anything that needs dough. It has a sweetness to it and it would be excellent for a salty sweet treat adding salt or sugar and cinnamon too. I was really surprised that it only took 1/2 hour for the dough to rise.  Very easy to make and it makes a lot more than the box would make you think.. definitely a dinner for 4 and a nice big snack for a family movie.

You can find Auntie Annies in malls everywhere and if you are game you should try making some of the delicious treats at home with the mix like we did.. here at 10 pm tonight.

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