I wanted to invite everyone to join my coupon train! Here is how it works....

Cost to you a stamp...
THIS IS SO CHEAP ... and the goal is to keep you in the coupons!!!! 

Take all the coupons that your family doesn't need each week and mail them to the coupon train. We will send you the exact amount of coupons back. If you have a baby or a certain Medication , or want femine hygene products or DEPENDS etc.. Please share a note.. NO PROMISES but of course if we have those coupons we will try to include those to you. Just slip in a note in with the coupons. YOU MUST send a self-addressed stamped envelope in with your coupons  or we will NOT be able to mail you coupons back. This is a CHEAP way to get coupons and to help your family. The goal is to keep these moving fast so everyone has coupons that are not expiring. Please make sure the coupons you send aren't expired as they will not be able to be counted ... although many times we send extra coupons as we want to help families. Just mail to 

Ruthies Coupon Train 13642 State Route 370 Red Creek New York 13143 

Also--- If your church, your friends, your boy Scout , girl scout  club etc.. would like to DONATE coupons to help FAMILIES just put in a note that these are a DONATION and we will distribute these to families, shelters etc.. to help others in need as well. We try to give these out to people who LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING.